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Property Marketing-

We do it so you don't have to

Real Estate Photography

We have experience as award-winning real estate professionals - we know what

sells and what doesn't. Our pictures enhance interest in your property without the mistakes common in real estate photography.

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Win clients over and earn repeat business with a quality presentation that beautifully showcases their home. We also offer packages that include the following services for less than the cost of most professional photographers! 

Property Descriptions

Need a fresh take on property descriptions? We carefully construct property descriptions for use in each MLS that you subscribe to, as well as specialized information for real estate websites like Zillow, and post them to those sites for you if you prefer! Our descriptions are specifically designed to get picked up by browsers, maximizing your property's internet exposure.


Virtual Tours, Video Tours and More!

Your agency or local MLS system may offer effective media options you're not using. We can set them up so that they will generate automatically, or help you make other media exclusive to your business - like branded virtual tours, videos, etc.

Social Media Postings

We draft great looking property postings in a format specifically designed to connect with your clientele, on your media of choice. Our custom postings beat the auto-feeds and get noticed.  Samples

Property Flyers

Professional, graphic designer-quality flyers branded specifically for your business. Get rid of those dull company-generated flyers and give prospective buyers quality media with maximum impact!

Luxury Property Presentation Packages

When a simple flyer won't do. A comprehensive presentation of your prime property designed to perfectly supplement your showings. In print, and/or your IPad.

Property Research

How well do you know your subject property? There are some amazing resources available for those with the time and skill to effectively utilize them. We'll put together a comprehensive property profile that can include plot plans, permit information, deeds, GIS maps, tax, mortgage, assessment data and more - all in a handy 8 1/2 x 11 format. Wow potential clients by including this valuable information in your sales presentation, or use for your own reference.

Ask About Our Discount Property Package!

This economical package includes most of the above services PLUS an email branded with your information that features all the links applicable to the above - great to send to clients to demonstrate what's been done to market their property. Proactive clients can use these these helpful links in their social media accounts to maximize property exposure also!

No job too big or too small.

For fair pricing with professional results, call, text or email us at

(508) 524-7715 or

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